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Originally formed in Edinburgh but now based in Greenock Theatre Enigma was established in 2002 by actor Sean Kane, who has worked extensively in Scottish theatre and television since graduating from drama college in 1996.

Theatre Enigma’s aim is to produce emotive, arousing, expressive and memorable plays that inspire and entertain. Its policy is to premiere textually thought-provoking, new, relatively unknown, classic and/or neglected plays from the UK and around the World in an accessible, visually exciting and stimulating way. It aims to preserve and promote Scottish writing and the Scots language.

As well as touring locally and nationally, Theatre Enigma strives to take productions to isolated communities where theatre may have been excluded in the past.

To date Theatre Enigma have produced four sell out Scottish Premieres:

Our Boys by Jonathan Lewis

Four Nights in Knaresborough by Paul Webb

The Battle in the Hills / The Storm Watchers by George Mackay Brown

Nancy Sleekit by Donald Campbell / The Herd of Standlan by John Buchan

eatre Enigma are constantly searching for new scripts, especially, though not exclusively, those of a Scottish nature or by Scottish writers.

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